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1. Galaxy

Put on your coat when it's bitter and cold; And step forth into this good night; Yeah your lips were so soft and our eyes were so closed; And we bathed in the halogen glow; You empty your pockets and ...

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2. Glory And The Dream

only heard a few stories; really only seen a few works; tractor paints on plywood; covered with verse; you see so much; see not much at all; but we're treading down serpents; and we're breaking the fa...

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3. Goes Without Saying

failure she's a new found friend you let her sleep on the floor; when you rise to check out well she follows to the door; if you listen real close there's the audible sigh; if you look real hard you d...

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4. Offer

they were making available the dreams of the past; for a limited time while the supply lasts; i got in line and i gave the man my cash; yeah i was buying fake diamonds buying fools gold; and i keep th...

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5. On To Bethlehem

so i'm at this wheel it's three am; waiting for the caffeine to come around; and life rears it's ugly head again; they say your radio's cool and retail's way down; and i'd like to say i'm faithful; to...

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6. S.o.s

Ticking of the clock crash upon the rocks; This is it i guess S.O.S. Slowly took your best as you tried to stay afloat; You swallow what you can and the rest you sugarcoat; The guard just looked away ...

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7. She Walks On Roses

got a skeleton closet we've got a dreaded disease; i been looking high and low for my skeleton key; and they say that pride well it is the chief of sins; well i know all of his deputies i'm well acqua...

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8. Skin

now i'd seen him despondent; a few times as of late; sometimes the answer that love gives; is the hardest one to take; i know he was prone to paint; the voice of his own fear; so vincent he picked up ...

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9. Welcome To Struggleville

All is quiet on the Western front, there appears to be a lull. John and Jane Doe are sleeping well tonight; with the little thoughts inside their skulls. Salome she's undressed to the nines; although ...

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