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1. Answers

how can i kill these deafening voices? how can i kill these deafening sounds? that brutal scenario; will never leave my mind; i live in constant torture; breathing, but dead inside; this war will last...

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2. Before

i see the spiders; they’re crawling on my corpse; and i begin to feel; that i been here before; speaking for the last time; breaking my misery; now i can see the dark side; now i recall my faith. ; i ...

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3. Hardcore

can you feel my rage!!! close your dirty eyes...and just feel it!!! ; (You can hit my soul but It will never be fractured); My core will never change; (You can crush my dreams but they will never be f...

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4. Humanity

We're born with natural instincts; That we replaced with thoughts; We created a new science; That put us closer to god; We kill innocents by thousands; And clean our conscience with faith; We are like...

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5. Lack Of Faith

they say that our revolution... ... now is gone; They say that the children don’t have... ... a tomorrow; spit it out again; scream it to the others; a youth who’s not afraid; makes a little act of fa...

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6. One Good Reason

some people, now raising; they are melting like one voice; we must continue fighting; in hope we trust; there is no option, just give it; give all that you can give; we must continue fighting; your dr...

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7. Still Alive

You feel much more pain; That you can swallow; Always defeated; Always falling down; Your torture is over; Don't waste your time; Let this war begin now; Be part of our side; You are weak, but not bro...

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8. Survive

Feel the voice within; Followed in your dreams; You can’t close your eyes any longer; Take a look inside; Look inside your heart; You will understand; Feel the answer; We die!!! Imperative!! nece...

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9. The Other Side

i see people right here, they joined the world and divided it (divided it); i see a madman right here, he built a god and defined it (defined it); years wasted building a dream; living in a holy war (...

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