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1. Bite the Bullet

You led me on so far; Hung me out to dry; Promised the world to me and sold me on your lies; I should have known heaven comes with a price; So starved and hungry for everything I crave; You tried to r...

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2. Live Wire

Live wire, I feel electric; Fed up with being disrespected; I'm not here for serve, I'm here for gain; Not gonna let your own delusion; tear me down and take abuse now; I can see it now, here comes th...

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3. Shallow Grave

The city never sleeps at all; I've been through hell and back again; Nothung could ever break my fall; When all the streets are soaked in sin; They try to break down all my walls; No good could ever c...

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4. Stitch Me Up

I'm hangin' onto your memories; Trapped in darkness of my mind; I'm missin' all we used to be; How do we get back to us this time? Stitch me up, my heart is torn; I'm lost in your maze but I'm wantin'...

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5. War Inside My Mind

Late at night alone in bed I lie awake; I'm planning it out, I must escape; I'm so tired of living only to survive; I don't care where we go, just drive; Leaving behind the war inside my mind; Open my...

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