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1. Bunker Buster

Go where, go where fluorescent primates teem; And wind through the neon screens; That scan over muted lips on japanese ships; Swelling, screaming, it's a deranged enhancement; Deflated amplifiers over...

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2. Continental Shelf

[Verse 1]; When all is said and done; You'll be around until you're gone; Crystallized, cancelled eyes; Illegitimate merchandise; Don't want to face the world; It's suffocating (suffocating); Undesire...

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3. Death

Anchor to the bottom; You can see the current; Situation ending; In and out of focus; Floating to the surface; You can see much higher; Quality arrangements; Of the constellations; Where everything is...

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4. March Of Progress

Lately there's a wound that needs some healing soon; Before the infection can set in; Slowly, this repulsion leads to nausea; And fear for these old forgotten halls; Maybe you just need someone to kee...

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5. Pointless Experience

Poisonous precedence; A pointless experience; Accidental taxidermy; Filling your head with; Sandblasting cemetery monuments naked; Downward velocity; Another endeavor; Failed to keep the necessary pap...

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6. Silhouettes

Stained unnecessarily; Unrestrained inevitability; Overwhelmed by all the drunken silhouettes; Entertained with their broken cassettes; Hey, is there any consequence; In getting lost in international ...

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7. Static Wall

Keep the fire from going out; In the shadow of a doubt; Say goodbye before you die; Cause nothing's on the other side; Non-existant, empty and unreal; Interviewed you through the static wall at the te...

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