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1. Battlefield

Through knee deep snow; And howling northern wind; Through blinding darkness; And horizon of ice; Through hundred corpses; And haunting cries; Through battlefield realm; And rivers of blood; Battle wi...

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2. Evil Rises Darkness Falls

Behold the coming of a storm - Rising from below; Where demons dwell - In the undead darkness; The evil awaits - To unleash its hordes; The everlasting night is at hand; Feel the cold - In every breat...

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3. On Frostbitten Path Beneath

Upon the mountainside I stand; feeling the cold northern wind; blowing over the horizon; of dead and frozen ground; Before the darkness falls; I gaze over the frostbitten chasm; and the grimmest glaci...

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4. Stormsend Winter Realm

Stormsend winter realm; crystallized before me; strong and everlasting; glance of Nordic depths; Far into the cold night; a darker path to follow; I walk steadily towards; the elder mountains; Behold ...

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5. Take Me Up To Higher Ground

Take me up to higher ground; and let me feel the cold wind blow; above the demonic mountainside; beholding creations of ice; The screams echoes eternally; As the snow keep falling down; Through this f...

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