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1. All Night Superstar

On a different day, I would worry; if I woke up saw the sun shining through the clouds. On a different night, I would worry; if the dark time winds were howling a little too loud. All day. All night. ...

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2. Animals And The Weather

It seems hotter here today, so much hotter than yesterday. I think it's hotter than the day before. So much hotter than tomorrow. I'll just fill up space; making obvious statements on the weather. I'm...

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3. Bored Otherwise

i've had an adventure, not a hard life; don't worry mum; i would have been bored otherwise; i would have turned to drugs; would have turned to love; picture you 19, looking at the face of a newborn; i...

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4. Break Of Day

Through the dark; I can see; past the lines of you and me. Then it's light, the break of day. I listen closely just to hear you say; you won't leave. Still, it's light. I can see it fade. Another doll...

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5. Cecille

she would move her legs under the table; i could see she knew the bass line; she would tap her hands and feet to the clock radio; she never missed a beat; cecille... won't you tell me what you need? s...

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6. Firefly

It was summer, I remember. Fireflies, they're safe; They don't bite. Put 'em in a jar; Lit up my guitar, flew around, and then they all died. ; Goin' fishin'; For the first time. Caught a small one, T...

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7. Four Leaf Clover

woke up in the morning i drove from lawrence to omaha; got there kinda early and still i checked out the local bar; cause bear to go is all new to me; i would have sent you but you're only 19; i'm wal...

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8. Logan Way

Just one more cigarette; before I go to bed. You said you'd never leave, you were lying through your teeth. And guess what? I appreciate it. ; Just one more cigarette; before you go to bed. I say I'll...

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9. No Reason To Stay

what are you gonna do with all your lonely letters? why don't you pack them up and send them all to me; instead of sitting around and thinking what could be better; don't you kinda wonder what i've go...

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10. No Such Thing As Hearts

instead of putting clothes on; you left the way you came; i gather all your trinkets; i head into the rain; all your things were scattered; all across the lawn; some day i'll come stay with you; until...

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11. Something Grand

A long, long time; between our hands; has passed; and I'm still waiting; underneath the edge of something grand. For you to come back, my baby, and I will name you Mary. Underneath the edge of somethi...

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12. The Letter

You left a letter; It was meant to be thrown away; Not to be read aloud at a smoky bar; But wait a sec; We could only smoke outside; I knew this would piss you off; To know it's dead; So I went back i...

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13. The Party

You made it this far; Did it turn out how you thought; Did you do all that you wanted; Or do you not care; Whether you live or die; Whether you live or you die? What a shame; All these years down the ...

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14. To You And Me

Yeah I might be a son of a bitch; but I still don't get why you just won't call me back; at night I just can't sleep so in the afternoon; all I want to do is nap; and there my mind can wander aimlessl...

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15. Turn It Around

thanks for leaving the light on; so i can find my way home; thanks for meeting me half way; from the curb to the doorway; this skin is meant to be lived in; so why do i want out; why do i love to see ...

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16. Undesirable

have you thought about it lately; all the things we did to throw eachother off; cause i've thought about it lately; how we're more like a dream than what really happened; took our memories put them in...

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