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1. Jury's Got The Verdict

We got a problem; A bit of a misunderstanding; Plagiarism of someones worst fears; Well there's a snitch hiding out, and i know who it is. An issue to resolve, Could you come by to clear this up? One ...

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2. Piano Ballroom Pt. Ii

I am envoking a halt to this charade; slowly but surely, these battles that you've made; have worn me down, further than I can go on now; this is got to change. ; Your smile, and your eyes, aren't eno...

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3. Point Where The Worlds Collide

Coffins and grave yard signs. Ominous directions. Below the grass outside, There holds a never ending ride. Where do souls go to hide after deportation? Above the sky outside - universal place to go. ...

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4. Radio Jam

You're walkin' inside, feelin' alive; The lights are in vibe, the sweat is flyin'; You put on a smile and let yourself dive, the stage is set tonight; You're walkin' and everything's right. The lights...

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5. Revolution Tonight

Isolate your plagiaristic stealings of my mistakes, it goes again and again; In a circular motion, one way train; Stalemate, the ideals in which you have made your way, cause it's the wrong way to pla...

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6. The Confession

Slowly things, start to fall in - Place me in, your arms till the sun comes up, morning brings us glory tales of a new day. ; This fantasy, reality, say so, say so to me. ; There is only one. Found my...

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7. What Lies Beneath

For my own sanity, let me explain away, for your own auditory. ; A light resides above a prize. It's seen by all, a mystery, a building with no entrances? What lies beneath, a crypt to see. A new foun...

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