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1. A Psalm To The Fallen

My eyes are bleeding my heart is losing wind; As thoughts turn to the ones; Left behind through the years; As the memories that were made cross my mind; And I think of all the times my oppression; Cou...

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2. Bodhi's

The features on my face show; An agonizing pain and tragedy; In a well of torment I remain; The markings under my skin tell the tale; Of loss and new found serenity; I embrace the fact I can confide i...

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3. For What Matters Now

So many travel unaware; Between birth and death; Led astray from true priorities; Misguided on the road of regret; Where it's so damn crowded; And it seems easier just to walk along; Than to break fre...

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4. Left Unsung

Lights out! There are no sides chosen in this contradictory strife; Agitating with the broken foundations of my being; It is so oppressing not to lose oneself; My bestowed upon demon is now all that I...

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5. Past The Eulogy

Sweeping the leaves from my family's name; Cleaning the stone engraved symbol; Her given name slowly appears from under my hands again; I light the candles and burn the sticks of increase; At times I ...

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6. Reunited For Eternity

Never knew that love could cast; Such a deep dark shadow on my soul; It burns in me and it can't be shared; A feeling that I cannot control; Without goodbye taken away; So damn hard to believe; The em...

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7. To Preserve From Precipice

Unstable equilibrium is causing a cerebral pulsar; These veins run cold and are about to burst; My palms are putting pressure on my skull is it still me; Or is it the inside of my heart where it reall...

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