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1. Be My Lady

Yeah baby I know it`s sounds strange but only Lord; knows; That you really got me; You`re so special to me; I`ve seen a lot of faces, beautiful women, but no one; is like you; Verse 1; Now i`m sitting...

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2. Girl I'm Sure You Want More

Ladies and Gentleman how you doin? This yo Boy Deezy one Out for Cutie and you now; listenin 2 my boy Bullet Black and BeatzVibez Baby. ; If you wanna rock tonight Vibekingz gonna rock; tonight. If yo...

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3. Magic

It`s magic?yeahh; Vibekingz Maliq; Yeah baby..we both ment to be together since the first; day that I saw you; I can`t take my eyes of you girl noo; You got the magic hooo damn you got it girl; Verse ...

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4. Stand Up

I came to you to tell you the true; to let you know they will rock your show; You and a girl Girls and the Boys; We´re coming over to show you the world; Every time you, you must trust me; you will lo...

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5. This Letter

Yeah baby I hope you don’t misunderstand me; My philosophie was you and me, even up my dreams it is you I see; The puzzle, the puzzle incomplete can’t you see you was all I needed; I’m sad trying to h...

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