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1. Backstage Girl

[VERSE1:]; Late at night when I close my eyes; I think about a face that I can’t deny; And I wonder why, emotions fly; Thoughts multiply, then I start to cry (now); Wonder why I feel this way; (Uh) ...

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2. Eyes Closed So Tight

{{{yea...its been so long...I find my self still thinking about you ever think about me?...Check this out girl))); ; [VERSE 1:]; All those nights, that we kissed; Are the nights that I miss; ...

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3. Get'cha Boogie On

[CHANT:]; (Woo, woo) Fellaz if you see ‘em point ‘em out; (Woo, woo) The type of girl that make you wanna shout; (Woo, woo) You gotta let her know what you about; If you wanna dig her out, then yo...

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4. Go Get Her

[HOOK:]; I wanna get her, get her...go get her; Been jockin’ since I first met her, nobody does it mo’-better; Is she wit it, wit it...come get it; Her man don’t know how to hit it, so take it o...

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5. Hottie With A Body

[VERSE1:]; She kinda think in the lips & hips (uh-huh); She kinda cool when she hits the strip (uh-huh); She gonna go where she wanna go, know who she wanna know; Never wait in line, always sittin’ ...

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6. Nowhere

VERSE ONE; Right now, here we are; And here I'll stay; For as long as you say; I'll never go, don't you know; I'll be yours for always; And I don't care what it takes to make you; Understand I'll neve...

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7. Oh No!

[HOOK:]; Oh no baby, there ya go...go, think that I don’t know...know; (‘Bout all the lies and the games that you try to run on me); You tried to play me, but you cannot fade me, cuz I’m not the...

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8. Turn It Up

(feat. Da Brat); Yo! Chi-town! Yo! Vi3 & Da Brat tat tat; Turn It Up, when you hear this joint in your car turn it up; Ya dig? Vi3, we VIP's, ya dig? Turn it up! [VERSE ONE]; Workin' hard can't wait '...

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