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1. Amour Fou

She wanted love, love, crazy love; Love, love, love, love; Crazy love; Amour fou; Amour fou

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2. Belles

Bells will chime; Miles appear; I can't heed them all; Two eyes; Less than two eyes; Is more than enough to know; When to leave; Why to stay; How to keep away; Now feels like forever; Once it goes awa...

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3. Farther On

It was a good time; Good time to stop and watch the city breathe, doll; You know, now we're lost; And have nothing to lose; I remember simple things; How's a building get so tall? No one way to explai...

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4. Houses

Houses; Vetiver; Composição: Indisponível; I could never make in your house; You could never make in mine; Even if we were both wealthy and; High born in another time; Just like a circle 'round the su...

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5. I Know No Pardon

Maria please don't leave me; now I need ya; I'ma wanted; there's nowhere I can go; My up's turned down; my luck's spun round and left me; no I didn't see it comin; but oh I'ma watchin it go; so I chos...

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6. Idle Ties

I walk alone, but I feel ya there, smiling upon me, I wonder; what you have drawn on your hands today, runes to show you remember. ; Idle ties, ink and dyes; Woven/Open arms, open wide, you're with me...

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7. Luna Sea

Night kills day; And I'm watching the sun die; Living moon taking up the whole sky; Live moon don't care about a dead sun; Luna's begun; Darkness might never come to end; Deathly light marks the scene...

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8. No One Word

so you've come back home; to the usa; and your lips look new; they have things to say that i've never heard; i should be out west; where we've talked by the bay; now your eyes face east; they've seen ...

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9. Oh Papa

Oh papa, don't be so mad; I'm taking the car for so very fast; You won't mind it missing at all; Oh papa; C'est ça va, don't worry 'bout me; I'll be safe, come home early; You won't mind me missing at...

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10. On A Nerve

Nameless as the way we started; I’d like to go; Back to time before name; Name for all we know; When the room was filled with chances; No one would take; We collided with them; Knowing chances fade; P...

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11. The Swimming Song

This summer I went swimming; This summer I might have drowned; But I held my breath, I kicked my feet; Moved my arms around; I moved my arms around; This summer I swam in the ocean; And I swam in a sw...

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12. Vetiver

would'nt you love to be out on the rollin' sea; with only the sky above you for a roof; what if all your friends were there; laugh at all your jokes and share; sweet salt air with you; wouldn't that b...

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13. Without A Song

Without a song I left the city; Borrowed a car with no radio; Gone before the sun had a chance to shine; The free wind weighed on my mind; How many roads begin under dark umbrella; They can see the me...

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14. You May Be Blue

you may be blue; but you dark my day; throw shadows my way; break my mind; while you say that you've been treating me kind; who are you foolin'? my time with you; beat a thorn-filled path; blood fille...

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