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1. Challenge

Sometimes the way becomes hazy; A cruel anguish takes place in my thoughts; The time seams to get smaller; And my journey is only about to start; I can't understand some challenges of life; I never im...

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2. Disguising The Pain

Disguising the Pain - Vetitum; Running through the hidings of my mind; Looking for the feelings I have lost; Finding all the ghosts I wanna forget; Sometimes I fell like I don't belong to this world; ...

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3. Everlasting Battle

The thick mist that disguises the direction; The cold night that came down in fire; And the dirty hands of death's blood; Doom the soul; Confine the mind; Companion loneliness; Fervor covered night; C...

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4. Gloom

Climbing the hill of disillusion; Suffering the pain of this journey; All the sorrow flows into the valley; And from high I contemplate... ; I fade reminding that vengeance is an empty cup; While the ...

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5. Imprisoner Laws

People are losing their power of change; They don´t believe in their true wishes; But I wont follow the same way; I don´t want to live my life in vain; But I still believe; That you just want to be fr...

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6. Inspiration

In the darkness; Runs my soul; Searching for light; And everything that it has; The nature is the source; Of all my inspiration; I feel the meaning of my life; has just died; My soul at last found its...

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7. Never

The new year brings a change; A new day or so I'd say; But it's so easy to say; That I'll never ever again; So come on dive right in; Back again, With my old friend; You know I'd love to let you in; B...

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8. Reasons

When his heart breaks free; When his mind turns to his home; When a moment is all; When he feels all the world; When the heart is free; Doesn’t matter sun or rain; Because the storm is over; In the ni...

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9. Red Solution

The tears insist to pour down her face; She holds it until she gets home; Locks the door; Crumbles to the floor; Weeping, thinking; About the wrong things; That are in her mind; Everything was wrong i...

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10. Tiki Hut (windsurfin')

Ev'ry day when your homework is done; We go to the beach and gonna have some fun; The ocean is blue and the weather is fine; With the surfboard sailing all over the sea; It's a new sensation for you a...

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