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1. Amalurra

I have come to find my depth; My place of solace, my place of rest; Mother; Weaver of my dreams; Rid me of sin and infelicity; Cleanse the revolve of my soul; And I will sermonize your legacy

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2. Bitter

I told myself that no disparity of mine; Would cause the realignment; Of this angry bitter spine; But as I fight to find the time; And peace of mind to rewind and redefine; The stigmatic intertwine; C...

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3. Dear Death

Dear death; How have you been? It's been awhile; since I've felt your warmth envelope my skin; Sometimes I hear your whisper echo; between my sheets; Or let your poems whisk me off to sleep; Do you mi...

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4. Gentle

A sombre silence in the snow; That echoes through the forest; in which my demons roam; Their many voices and discordant fables; A disquiet and disharmony; that leaves no loam for life to grow; Breathe...

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5. Hibernate

Spent; Epitomized contempt, so delirious; Pick me up from the floor, I am resilience; Again; Anticipating the catalyst; I am gout, I am insidious; Metabolize my fragile spine; Face down in an early gr...

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6. Pompeii Nights

We're living in a kingdom of rock and roll; It's an impound of lust ready to explode; We're gonna melt your mind with our guitar might; Like those p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pompeii nights; Red hot smokin' pompeii...

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7. Promised Land

Look At you Cleveland; Put your hands toguether for this one; Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahhhhhh; All dressed up and out on the street uhh; Truning Tricks was just a part of your scene; Working All night long, ...

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