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1. A Call To Satan

With sacred blade self mutilate; To my own wounds I masturbate; In a sweat and semen soaked; Surrounded haze of incense smoke; Light the candles in thirteen; At each side than in between; In the circl...

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2. Allowance Of Sin

Ritual commence, the ceremony begins; A sacrament to seven of seven sins; Bearer of light, empower thee with pride; Unbreak by the wheel with lucifer at side; Rebel son spread to me your greed; Mammon...

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3. Black Priest

Part one; I wear the cross, pose as your guide; In his own temple, is where I hide; I speak of hope, pervert the truth; Gain your trust, then lie to you; When you come and seek a savior; Don't be surp...

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4. Blood Oath

Black blood oath as the mad arab wrote; Sacred blade handle hoof from the goat; A sacrifice drains the essence of life; Enter shaadows of darkness at night; Severed hand of the godfearing man; Holds t...

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5. Devil's Daughters

Bow before the master, kneel and pray; Defile your daughters the devil`s for him to play; Bathe in backbirth, born to bloodthirst; Satans subseed for all to feed; Breed them for their babies, bleed th...

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6. Endurement To The Heirs Of Shame

Oh leath on me punishment of loss; Strip thee thy senses before I am to cross; Where worn dieth not and fire not be quenched; Shall y soul forever now in hell be spent; Removeth from me all that givet...

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7. Great Goat God

It's getting dark now, have you lost your way? Can you hear the music in the distance I play? Thirsty and cold, I'll warm you with wine; Fresh is my fruit when hand picked from the vine; One taste and...

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8. Hex of Harm

We ask the devil bring forth them pain; With sorrow and sighs and mickle shame; Willed to destroy all thy habit hold; All the consorts and bethren in fold; Little good shall come to fore; For all the ...

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9. Missing Girl

She walks all alone, in between her school and home; I see her as she's passing by; Now I have the chance, I'll make her mine; Suddenly she disappears, the reason no one is clear; As if she's vanished...

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10. Never Say no Again

Mother and father they so peaceful and lay silent; They'll sleep through their death it so bloody and so violent; I creep down the hallway at it is just passed midnight; They won't live again to see t...

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11. Piece Of Meat

Kidnapped and kept in isolation; Till she can satisfy my ritual needs; Soon it will be time for the celebration; So says the devil that lives in me; She's like an animal kept in chains; Against her wi...

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12. Ritual Of Revival

Ah yes the helpless ones forever as you sleep; Arise from the earth you're bound no longer can it you keep; May now your essence flow like rivers from a stream; Awake to live again; Awake thee from a ...

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