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1. Abuser

Our world is caving in, we are questioning, we are fighting with regret; Our colors fading out just blending in with the sick and desolate; And I've been stumbling around beat down forming concrete in...

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2. Bleeders

Dear Mr. Coleman I hope your fingers rot; I pray that you will be the last of your kind; This is a warning to you, hell will seem like a ride; Compared to what awaits for you; That evil look you gave ...

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3. Clots

There's so much left to clean, there's blood where blood should never be; There's demons screaming in my ears; "you should be proud of what you've accomplished; In years of your absence, ; Your time a...

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4. Guts

Whats stopping you this time; from everything you know you want to do; I waited outside for you, with nothing but my fists and rage; I saw you peak out the window, I'll be here until the morning break...

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5. Molester

I've been in here for three months and fourteen days; You've managed to disfigure me, I'm already ruined; I am a part of you, I live because you breathe; Do you honestly not feel anything for me? How ...

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6. Wife Beater

This house was trashed, fists were red with the blood of his children; Her water breaks, damned a new life into theirs; These months have blown away, Your impulse shakes these walls to shame; Their ha...

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