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1. City/light/nintendo/fuck

Girl, you're right, ; Someone's out there waiting, fight. I'll go place this blame upon somebody else. ; Girl, you're right; Place this blame upon somebody else; So it comes, so it comes; We fall out,...

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2. I Am

So, lonesome... Find your way back home... What are you waiting for? Tell me. What are you waiting for? Oh, oceans... Ground beneath my feet... Blur as they pass me by... And I am... I am. What are yo...

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3. Little Photo Spy

Show me all the flesh; That you keep beneath your skin; And maybe in time; I'll show you mine; When there's nothing left; To hold me back from exploding; Oh I'm coming apart; I'm bursting at the; Seam...

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4. My Magnet

My Magnet; Fragile thing, Soft, we sing; As the planets collide--; Bursting to fill the; skies. ; Don't be shy--; We can't spare the time; As the future is; Burning; away... It's under; [My magnet]; S...

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5. Save Our Souls

break free... cast out upon waves of [uncertainty] and... don't be.. ; don't; be afraid of; what you've left behind. ; fire in the sky... boiling the seas; to [singe] our skin; as we float out... ; tr...

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6. With a Heavy Heart

White and grey, wished away; Turn the world into pieces of snow; Falling from dark clouds, and onto; Our lips as we gaze, our lips; As we gaze from below; Pressing on, biding time, All it takes is a w...

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