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1. Beyond The Cursed Eclipse

Sculptural thoughts abount silvern clouds; Engraved harshly in thwarted twilights guise; Gatless still hearts sketched in dying pulse; Encrypted ledger in forgotten scribe; Evil rests still in the sha...

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2. From An Ever Blackened Star

The distant eminence of pale light; Shines through the ecliptic plains; A sunless world of lifeless ouls; Is falling upon ordain; In forzen horizon comes our muse; With beckoning of the black star; Fr...

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3. Imprisoned In Gurdon

Torches erected for the muse of the wicked; Columns projected for appeasance of wrath; Designating sculptures for intrinsic selections; Decadent arches, for a profane epitaph; Cyclonic delusions lead ...

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4. Quest Of The Exiled

Journey of lost souls embarks in the Thyne skies; Seared fields and plateaus mark the beckoning; cries; Winds that gale and waters that flow; Howls that wail and slaughter of foes; Weapons raised high...

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5. Regenesis Creation

This day of wrath -; This day shall consume the world in ashes; What trembling there shall be; When the judges do arrive; Everyone and everything, all will be measured; The hordes of Trella Lheer soun...

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6. Relinquished

Conquered and overcome, battled and bewithered; Contentious subjects relinquish their grasp; Surrendering a task desirable, Yet desired by others; Renouncing a compulsion overthrown by the exiled; Imp...

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7. The Forever Vortex

Dark and decrepit chamber; Foreboding remains of fallen grace; Channels lead to the catacombs; Vortex to summon the Ancients past; Forlorn in endless sermons; Awakening the blasphemy of past; Devil dr...

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8. Twilight Of Azrael

hithern lavenderous sea beyond anseptious horizon; throughout entities wrought in skyclad muse; scouring upon pulse there within they prose; as storm begets calm clavering in unison; sunthrone emerge ...

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9. Vanquished

The victorious march towards; the chosen sunsets; Leaving behind a land in turmois and plague; Defeated the vanquished, they lye in shame; Depleted the anguished, they choir the names; Shinto, Arga, K...

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