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1. Bloom

Oh, what I would do to rid you; Of the hell that torments your deepest memories; The strife that we had once endured; Are tales that we've kept unheard; beneath our fruitful shame; We will bloom; We w...

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2. Obsidian Dreams

I'll wait for you; To wake, break through; (Break through); Calm and distant; You were fading like a dream; I grow restless; Now I'm tearing at the seams; This time, I swear I won't hold back; I hold ...

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3. Paradise (Feat. Spencer Sotelo)

Paradise; Seeps into your weathered veins; Apprehensive of the thoughts that plague you; And leave your fragile mind distressed; Pain, pain; We do what we can just to escape pain; Illusion fades; Yet ...

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4. Vanilla Sky

Painting pictures with technicolor dreams; Reminiscent of how we'd float endlessly; Amongst the weight of a weathered truth; Open your eyes; This chance will pass you by; Acclimate without restraint, ...

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