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1. Absence

Attracted by the absence of my laughter; Kept close 'til I opened myself; Terrified by my fond affection; Driven away, leaving me alone; Shone upon by the mourning light; I found myself - lost and bet...

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2. Monumental

At the threshold of the dollhouse; On the verge of surrender; It is my shelter; But can I trust my insanity? MonuMental Disturbance; Shadows fall; From a brighter past; I raise my hand; Total eclipse;...

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3. Swastikrist

Not percieved to be ours; The spirit of the age; Human filth:; - "We are the blameless; Under a flag of rage; Not aggressors; Not to blame"-; The essence of the modern; Silent defenders of evil; Unkno...

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4. Torso Bitch

Come and get it; I'll show you how it's done; Break your chains; I'll break your fucking bones; Keep on sucking; On the bones of rotting corpses; Lose your mind; Lose all sanity; Torso bitch - Satan's...

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