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1. Feeling Cheated

Hey pop culture; Tilt your head back; I'm sending bombs with love; Are you feeling cheated? I could have told you the same thing; There's no sound, no breeze to steal; So why dont you steal me? So why...

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2. Paper Bag

I know it must be these walls that steal the old; Practicing like i am away from you; Preaching like stick figures; Were tied and bound; I put my faith in your theatric rectants; My place is my own, n...

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3. Permanence

Never understand why; He only haunts his only sons; Too much love and now its gone sour; Just like cruel stagolee; You wish that he would fake his death; In the town that you knew him; Thats why i am ...

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4. Politic

Footsteps caught up in a cats twine; We can change the world in the morning; Looking out for the sound advice; Its all there; You make all thats backwards right again; Tell me now do you want to be fr...

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5. Sharp Dressers

Could you be any more juvenille, wicked son? You see playthings in the people; That you know very well; Kill your plans to set the sun in wicked dawn; You cast shade on all the good books; That you se...

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6. Sister Psyche

hush a sad hello until we die; horizons on a treadmill; give us hell out loud; amen til the end; heaven sent from heavens best; youven been telling them youve up to no good; and youll smile at whateve...

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7. This Lovesick

Ill never get to leave; This lovesick country of mine; Never see the ash white; Slide the mountain down; Where the glaciers die and so do i; Everyday life is fog in motion; How do you lie still with a...

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