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1. Blue And Cold

I've never felt alone this time of year; In fact I've never felt alone; There are moments I could lay down and die; But in these dark times it never hurts to try; What a miracle it'd be if I could see...

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2. Don't Let Go

This drug has eaten up my body; My cells are at the mercy of this plague; But the antidote is somewhere in this room; Or the antidote is gone; Don't let go, don't let go; 'cause this drug can't beat u...

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3. Forgive Me

Red eyes just keep my heart beating; Your secret's safe with me; Just drive, I've broken our mirror; So our past won't look so tempting; I never thought it'd feel this good to quit; Failure tastes so ...

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4. Ghost In The Bottle

The dream is over; And the last shots were fired; The eulogy repeated seems so uninspired; The casualties were counted; And were the only ones dead; Brother I'm drowning in; Our own blood we've lost; ...

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5. If I Died

If i died tomorrow would be proud; of the things that ive done; in my final moments when let go; will i feel like my battle was won; this is my final attempt; to take something from this life; this is...

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6. In Spite Of The World

I woke up from this dream; To find that I was sleeping; So I went back to sleep; And dreamed I was awake; I locked myself inside; While you were on the outside; I stood outside and watched; But I coul...

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7. Love Every Scar

I fell in love every scar on her wrists; And sad eyes told a story of every; Great thing that she'd missed; She doesnt call here anymore; She didn't even say goodbye; Just a kiss blown to; The wind we...

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8. Medellin

Dear God, if you can hear me then save me; From myself, 'cause I'm gone and close to dying; From all the things I've done; I guess it's true, you become the things you do; Kill me, taste me, I need th...

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9. Seconds To Shine

This is the moment only seconds to shine; I've had years to prepare; If the joys in the chase I could die in this place; With a smile on my face; If we could see us now; Would we make ourselves proud;...

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10. Victim

oh victim your tired song has fallen deaf ears; oh victim your cries made it to heaven; but the angels didnt care; so ill just give up from the 90ft drop; maybe they'll hear me when; my fists hit the ...

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