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1. Atmosphere

Walk; In silence; Don't walk away; In silence; See the danger; Always danger; Endless talking; Life rebuilding; Don't walk away; Walk; In silence; Don't turn away; In silence; Your confusion; My illus...

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2. Behold The Machine

Welcome to the machine! Welcome, one and all; To the greatest show on earth; Welcome to our fall! A boilerplate for a coat of skin; On oil and steam it thrives; A heart of iron pumps the blood; To kee...

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3. Queen Of The Delta

From dahomey she came; To the shores of naw' leans; She brought her creed; And shared her beliefs; With a veve she conjures the spirits to guide her; The priestess, the warrior, the healer and mother;...

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4. Something Wicked (That Way Went)

Come and join our wild ride, the sideshow is in town! With dancing bears and elephants, and certainly some clowns; The greatest wonder of them all, a marvel to behold; An illustrated man so dark, will...

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5. The Curse Of Whitechapel

Through london's fog I stalk her streets; Extermination's what I seek; To cure this disease that plagues our land; I must make use of my skilled hand; They call me jack--it's not my name; A nom de plu...

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6. The Last Express

When you fall asleep, and wake up in the ground; The skies fall apart and the heavens rain down; You enter your dreams in hopes of fantasy; But all you wake up to is a dark reality (reality); Now look...

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