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1. Black

Black as the deepest sea, the darkness and the shadows; Breeding as the lights are burned out; And the day turns into night; Trapped in a psychic tomb where reality doesn't exists; Trapped in a cage c...

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2. Bloodlust

Abused and torn apart; Your soul is suffering; Can not deal with the pain you carry inside; Emotions overflow; Take away this illusion; The darkness inside; Inside a human mind; Twisted and disordered...

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3. Broken

Insanity is no excuse; What's the truth and what can be denied; A penetration of death; The killing of all innocence; Sacrificed draped in blood; Raped by my machine-gun fire; Request for suicide; Ete...

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4. Circle Of Time

Screams of anguish; Fills the air; A civilization flushed down the drain; Cry out in despair; What have we created; An eternal tomb; We choke on our greed as we realize; Hell is were we where born; Ci...

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5. Demonsoul

Your restless soul; A demonsoul; Will bring you down; Take control; Of you demonsoul; It's tearing you apart; Shout it out, your anger and pain; The aggression of your mind; Unable to control your act...

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6. Deviltrip

It's a date with death; Life on the edge; Enjoy the trip; You may never wake up again; Feel the worms; Crawling beneath your skin; Endure the pain; A trip to hell & back again; It's the devils night o...

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7. Everlasting

I can hear you screaming; Desperately in your sleep; The scenes attached to your memory; Can never be erased; I've never known such horror; I've never known such fear; I've never seen such brutal sigh...

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8. Hungerface

Put behind a wall of lies, slowly falling apart; Bars of anguish bars of grief, keeping the hunger inside; Emotions…deformed and disturbed; Only awaiting the moment; When the passion is released; You ...

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9. Species

Don't try to blindfold my eyes; With hundreds of lies; On before the decay; Over and over again; Technology tries to score; Just for one reason at all; Development has it's price; Look what you have d...

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10. Upright Infinity

Wake up my friend, it's time to die; I've got to take you to your eternal rest; It'll sure feel strange not having you around; I'm going to miss you but it's my job to take your life; There is no way,...

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