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1. At The End Of The World

Apocalyptic; Blood red lipstick; Bite your tongue; Cause I'm not listening; Try to convince me; But I'm resisting; This poisoned point of view; I hear the voices say you're never gonna make it; And yo...

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2. Cheshire Smile

They ask me if I'm fine; I just sit nice and pretty; They feed me all these lines; So I go and vomit them back grinning; They think they know what we should like; Our taste disturbs their appetite; Th...

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3. Crazy In a Good Way

I was so desperate; Couldn't catch a breath; Every day was a mess; I couldn't rest; I felt it in my chest; An emptiness; I was loving myself less; In my mind, I tried to convince myself; I didn't need...

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4. Dopamine

Dark, I'm a creature of the dark; Making friends with my anxiety; I scared away my sanity; High, I tried every state of mind; That's why I love it when you come to me; It's comforting like dopamine; W...

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5. Feed The Animal

Gimme gimme love; Do you think this is love? Feed me and tell me I'm pretty; Tell me all the things that you think I would like; That don't satisfy my thirst; I can't ignore that I'm wanting more; Tha...

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6. Furious Love

He said that I would never be; A silhouette that he would want; I shifted shape and recreated me; The girl I was, I soon forgot; A love like that won't last long; So suddenly it all goes wrong; When b...

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7. I Won't Stay Down

Sucker punch to the gut; Man, it hit me hard; Lost a lot; I forgot all the things I've got; Dragging heavy chains; Trudging through the muddy water; Gotta keep my head up; Gotta pull myself together; ...

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8. Tightrope

Sometimes words are too much; Sometimes not enough; The tip of the tongue is a knife; Are the scars forgiven? Only love will tell; All I can do from here is wish you well; But only love will tell; I'm...

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9. We Are The Brave

(We are the brave); There is an enemy; Dressed as a friend; The picture of deceit; Who knows the end; We are standing here unafraid; In the lions den; 'Cause the power strong enough to save; Is runnin...

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10. Young and In Love

I miss the sight of the stars shining in your eyes; Let's pretend that tonight we own that sky; We'll take it back to the beginning; When it was you and me against the world; Back to the beginning; Wh...

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