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1. Expensive

CHORUS; expensive games we play, who really wanna pay? who would have thought that life could ever really be this way? who wanna work it out? find something to be about. lemme hear you shout! whoa, wh...

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2. God Is Big

CHORUS:; God is Big,Huge! Moves thru any place, God is so large he can swallow the Outer Space. God Is Big,Huge! from the start to the end, God is so large we find it hard to comprehend. God Is Big, H...

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3. Live To The Music

welcome to the realm where the glory don't stop, where your feet don't stop when atop of battle block. cornerstone buildin' from the floor to the ceiling; set it in flames watch what the fire revealin...

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4. Love Triangle

is it better to love and loose or not love at all? or cling on to past love where real love was never spawned? it's an exhaustive process when playing these dating games; exchanging numbers and names ...

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5. Neighborhood

see this house right here, up on the left side? it’soccupied by a man they call money mike. but before he moved in the neighborhood; and he’ll tell you himself, that he was up to no good. nowi remembe...

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6. Opposition

don’t wanna leave you suspicious, truth can be vicious; just letthe spirit †burn and sear it through every lyric. my crewwill travel by sea or plane; just to getto the people bouncing, running game in...

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7. The Syllabus

(Chorus); Class is opem scopin' out The Syllabus; Year round sessions 'cause the lessons are so real to us; You get the message are you feeling us? - Graded by grace 'cause you know it is in God we tr...

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8. Trippin

examining actions of slaves to self satisfaction; in a circle snakes where saints are a small fraction; cover my ears an can still hear the fall happenin; i’m body battlin' saddlin' up to keep traveli...

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9. What You Rock Now

you got a hold of some wrong information; if you were told the keys to win were too complicated. they pulled your leg and you been given the business; hoodwinked and sheisted til you froze from a dist...

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