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1. Alive

The answers won't; Be anywhere but inside; It's the only truth I really know for sure; The only truth they cannot hide; To live is; To fight what has come before; To live is; To struggle and begin aga...

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2. Complain, Complain

Life's so hard and you have it rough; Your mother's so mean and it's all so tough; But you gotta remember it's not yet that bad; You gotta remember what you have; Complain and whine; Scream and shout;...

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3. Gray

Not everything in life will be so easily divided; Into black and white, then quickly decided; The world is not a simple math problem; No thought and five seconds all that takes to solve it; It's the c...

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4. Heal

Empty, with no respect at all; We expect what's been built; To crumble and fall; Shocked by the indifference; To our unheeded call; I ask you; What do we offer instead? We cannot change around; Until ...

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5. I Don't Know

The more you say you don't belong; The more people you need to lean on; Grab control of all your peers; To use them as a wall to hide all of your fears; Your rules? I'm not jealous; They just change w...

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6. Learn

I look at what has changed; In a way, it's just the same; This still means something to me; And I try to make my ideals reality; I'm gonna learn; Was all that we said and we sung; Just silly adolescen...

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7. Look At You

I look at you; All I see; Are the things that; Cannot be; I'm trapped, I stare; There's no escape; All I can do; Is look at you and wait; Maybe someday; I'll know what to do; And perhaps someday; I'll...

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8. Never Stop

The minute, the second; That we stop trying; The moment, the fraction; Of time that we start lying; To ourselves; Is when they will win; You ask me the odds of victory; I can only tell you this; If we...

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9. No Choice

Forced, pressured; Two paths to take; Either one; A painful mistake; No clear-cut answer; Only pain; To escape the pressure; I can't remain; I have no choice; Either way I'm ripped; Either way I get h...

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10. Our Illusions

Will we really live by what we say? Will we really be open in every way? I've seen it before, so many times; Must the past be repeated; With all of its crimes? No, I really believe in what we sing; I'...

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11. Personal Edge

I'm not gonna enforce it; Or tell you what to do; It's my personal edge; My edge on you; If you drink; That's your decision; I'm not gonna turn it; Into a religion; To some it's a label; But to me, it...

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12. Real Life

If hardcore's ever gonna be a real alternative; It's going to have to deal with the real life of the kids; "Fuck the system," and other old clichés; It's time for real answers, let the bullshit rot aw...

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13. Rix

Scene snobs? Fuck no! Open to all-friend, foe; We're open, we're not closed; And we're having fun at the shows; RIX-much more than a crew; RIX-we don't need that fucking glue; RIX-Stay open, it's all ...

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14. Running

I'm running out of time; Forced to decide; To choose the beat path; Or to feel the wrath; When I take a different ride; There's nothing in this world; That you have to do; To be frightened by traditio...

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15. Scared

I say that I love; I say that I believe; I say just a few words; And now that I'm exposed; I look out at you to reach out to; But your heart is kept closed; Hide behind laughter; And a smart-assed sne...

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16. Search

To search for them; Is to never succeed; You can't find; What will never be; Images on the page; No, your life is never that way; Images on the page; Don't you ever think your life; Will be that way; ...

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17. Shallow Graves

I'm the funeral attendant; For the world's powers; I bury every kind; I'm the morgue attendant; For the imperialists; I bury what they leave behind; Now I'm digging; Many shallow graves; So many, so m...

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18. The Masses

Fuck the masses; Everybody does; Fuck the masses; It's what they love; Fuck the masses; For every cent; Fuck the masses; 'cause they're ignorant; Capitalism fucking rules

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19. The Pain

Can we really feel it? The screaming pain; Of the tortured millions; With forgotten names; All of our trials, worries and fear; Seem so petty when compared to theirs; And yet my pain feels real enough

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20. The Price We Pay

The tumors, the illness and the growths; Those things are our price; An economy of careless industry; It's how we make a living but it's killing me; The price that we pay; Is it too high? What is the ...

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21. Trial

One day I awoke to find the sun; Beating down on me; Thoughts and fears filling my mind; The truth was beating down on me; For that day; I stood trial; For all of my lies and denials; For my lack of d...

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22. Understand

In eighteen years; You have it all figured out; You know the score; What it's all about; Such a short time; But so far to go; You cannot even understand; What you don't know; Eyes wide open; But you c...

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23. What do You Do?

What do you do? You just consume; Sit back and simply; Let it roll in; You don't create; Only destroy; Or amuse yourself; With expensive toys; There's nothing left; For me to say; When I see you all; ...

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24. When I Think

My experience is slim, and my knowledge is small; Sometimes I think I know nothing at all; And I reason, \"If I know so little, who am I to say; Why the world is, and why it is this way?\"; But then I...

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