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1. Before You Die

Before You Die; As the rivers of blood drown into sea; I ride along one thousand graves; The dead join me in my crusade; As eternity ends. ; Refren:; My image in your eyes; Just before you die; I'm ma...

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2. Forbidden Skies

Forbidden Skies; I know what you feel inside; I feel the same way too, I know where you go when you hide. I know the pain and sorrow cries; At night I'm crying too, Forever darkness in your eyes. ; Re...

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3. Perpetual Morrow

Perpetual Morrow; I step outside my dead body; And I can't look up to see the light and beauty; Because I HATE!! As the night's powers; I inherited, In perpetual morrow; I reign. ; Breathing through t...

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4. The Shield Of Stars

The Shield Of Stars; Travel on the thunderbolt, In waters beyond the streams, Behind the mountains of one thousand storms. ; Only black skies above, Only suffering in you, Only pain and sorrow. ; Refr...

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