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1. Birthday Cake

Well hello, my name is Captain Symmetry, and I would like to welcome you to my party. To the left, a door with 70 snakes in it, to the right, well... ; Please help me cut my baby's cut hand. ; This sh...

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2. Casino Confidence

Let your cold body move; into the beat of this neon groove. Let the floors shiver and shake, let these walls reincarnate. ; There's nothing that you wouldn't do. Let your cold body move. Let your feet...

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3. Entrance

Shortcut to Venus Diode Lyrics; Venus Diode - Birthday Cake Lyrics; Venus Diode - Casino Confidence Lyrics; Venus Diode - Entrance Lyrics; Venus Diode - Falling For December Lyrics; Venus Diode - Fash...

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4. Falling For December

In the autumn of our love we sighed, together for the first time we never could of asked for more. The heart fell between us begging for a ride in the fields under a star. Oh darling you were the only...

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5. Fashion of Intercourse

Your fashions running out, your face is running dry. Into a pile of used makeovers up to the sky. Your fashions breaking down, your face is out of vogue. Your look is so discreet it never once has bee...

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6. Hearing in Black and White

De-rail the counselors; of their self-pleasure; to a bleak hot end. Hear screams of joy; from the upward skies. Listen for clocks; ticking lettered scales, wait for the scream of impudence, tell that ...

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7. Imperfect Obsessions

This world has been execrated; my world of more than ours. We sing to open hearts; these hearts of falling stars. So dance with me. I promise I'll set you free of this pall. Have you ever kissed a pai...

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8. Less Than Three

And from the office room my heart is breaking from within neon walls. And from the living room the heart it breaks, and drips, drops, falls. And for the orphan whose little black shoes leave tracks, t...

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9. Morgan

Do you remember what we once were in our youth? A pair of souls that had not ever once been used. Do you recall when we said life would never end? And now that time is gone, into you I descend. ; Do y...

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10. Multicolor: Kiss

This threatening white will open up grey. It paints a pretty stain. Into a new day. This defined blackness will color my face. Into a pretty color until its all gone. Hey, Hey, Hey I want you do defin...

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11. Pink Eyes

I'd let the pink come all over me, Until I see all my eyes can see, and then you call me by my first name. And then you realize that you are ashamed of me, as you sing. Pink eyes don't let this ever d...

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12. Recycled Boy

I, I have been, and I am. I am now recycled. You, you had been, what I thought. Was it something beautiful? Fall, fall for me. As I did once for you on that clear night. Fake, just for once, just a ki...

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13. Science Fiction Syringe

A cancerous spouse. Drop this house, watch the pink flamingo dance. Gagged and boiled. Under loves toil, dance together, breed some romance. ; Chairs, vacant walls mistaken; for the blue hearts sewed ...

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14. Theme Song To A Sixth Grade Graduation

The door opens into a new found face. The doctor shrugs saying, "It can be replaced."; A woman sighs and asks for a quick reply. "You're moving on to a step; where everything is an excuse."; Maybe ton...

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