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1. Breaking Out

My comfort, ill and broke; Convinience, empty hole; Give riddance, self contempt; How long can I pretend? For the breaking out is losing sight; I felt so much wrong in what I thought was right; The co...

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2. Find Rest

Tell me all your secrets; And I'll keep them; Under lock a keys; I don't feel that is a reason; Which your regret; Tell me; Trust me and; You will find of again; Come let me help you; Find rest; With ...

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3. Kings are Coming

The kings are coming and bearing arms; Our defenses torn; Our strenght gone; What can we win here but broken hearts? No, we won't give up no matter the cost; Cause we are fighters; We are fighters; We...

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4. Set It Off

Should have been a warning; Should have seen you coming; I'll get a better look this time; So let's set it off; And when it comes morning; They're gonna see you runnin'; So it's better luck next time;...

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5. Space

If there was just one thing; You could say to me; We'll just speak our virtues; On everything you need; Pause your thoughts and thunders; To help make me believe; We are not so separate; The time will...

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6. Stars

This must be what heaven looks like; Tonight, everything feels so right; Inside, the stars and the planets must have aligned; Everything feels so right, tonight; Now here we are; Forever I'll carry yo...

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7. Superheroes

When it's dark; And it's cold and dreary; And you are weary; Shadows lurk inside the night; There's something out there and it hides; It's more than just your state of mind; And it's hunting for you; ...

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8. The Call

Can you hear the call? March on, my child; The world's waiting for you; Put your fears aside; And search for the truth; And I'll march beside you; We were born to take on the world! And everything cou...

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9. The Moment

This could be the moment that you've waited for; You've wasted enough of your days; And if you feel me then I know that you know; You won't let this fade away; I see your body trembling; Like you want...

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