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1. Coming Apart

Coming Apart Lyrics; I'm a little tea-pot short and stout; Smash me apart and f**king spill me out; I'm a piece of shit; I'm a f**king mess; I'm a little wounded bird; I fell out of my mess; I been bu...

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2. Cry Little Sister

A last fire will rise behind those eyes; Black house will rock, blind boys don't lie; Immortal fear, that voice so clear; Through broken walls, that scream I hear; Cry, little sister - Thou shall not ...

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3. Face To Face

Who is responsible for all this mess; Is it manmade or something our brains can not digest; This is the time, this is the place; Is this the way it's supposed to be; Will it begin to make sense on the...

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4. Stress Related

I don't want to live like this; All pissed off and all stressed; From the everyday bullshit; I don't want to die like this; Some kind of angry fit; My heart will call it quits; But I'm... Never gonna ...

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5. Swords

Vengeance is bliss, don’t be naïve; Just like we deformed the Japanese; Those we had trained to have others killed; Have turned against us by our own will; My stare is blank; Yet my thoughts are out o...

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6. The Dying Sound

I'm a danger to myself; But I'm a savior to everyone else; Cuz I'm a walking time bomb. Waiting for more; Stupid fucking people to ignite this war; So come to me; No one ever sees me coming; But they ...

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7. The Fallen Idol

A simple disease; Simply explained; Contaminated my soul; And is devouring my veins; I try but can't stop; I can lie but can't talk; Can fly but can't walk; I feel as though I'll never stop falling; I...

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8. The Sad History Of The World

We always catch on late; After we hurt the ones who care; And then we cry for ages; Yet we never learn to share; The teachings of our fallen heroes; To those who are different; We just repeat this dea...

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9. This Digital World

In this digital world; Full of artificial pride; Viruses and scams; Cowards and spies; We can't smoke a cigarette in the bar anymore; No polluting lungs while the liver gets fucked; Can't vote cuz wha...

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10. Watch Us Burn

Burn; It's time to die; Glued to the screen, ambition's grown tired; Mesmerized by gossip in a world expired; Good evening America. Tonight we feature; Anorexic beauty queens; Serial killer documentar...

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