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1. Defy The Tyrant

Six thousand years of pain; I have learned to know you; You were, you are and always will be; The jealous rival, tyrant of prometheus; Tormentor of my reason; Specter of conscience; Spread the plague ...

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2. Life Suffer

Everyone thinks of changing the world; But no one thinks of changing themselves; The only knowledge achieved by man; Life is meaningless; Begotten by hatred, born into misery; Pleased by your own depr...

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3. Mortal Abomination

Devoured light; Summoned memories; Which I feared I'd drag myself away from; Until the day the bell of the goddess tolls; This realm welcomes my last breath; Pitiful mortals, here is where hope ends; ...

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4. Path Of Exile

The hound waves my final chapter in this life; The path I have suffered, like a twist of the knive; The sky turns black as my past begins to rot; I strayed the path as I have lost the train of thought...

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5. Usurper Of The Throne

I'm burning flesh and crushing bones; Spitting fire on the marching clones; Bred on illusions, force fed with lies; Walking on corpses with wide open eyes; Don't fear justice, fear me; Heroes are dead...

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