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1. Freedom

When you have a thought; Remains there until no one say the contrary; When you're different from other; Nobody is happy; Imagination is a rare thing; Head who does not think that; If we had freedom; I...

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2. I Am Beautiful

Actors, models, tv stars; All these people claim to be the; Beautiful; In hindsight we can say; We are also; Beautiful; Iam beautiful 2x; Even if the world says no; I know I can trust me; Iam beautifu...

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3. Love 'me'

Friend, listen; My heart wants you; Each time; Passing; I wish you more; I loved as a child; But you gave no attention; Now you want me to grow; Love me; Stop being children and start enjoying what li...

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4. Mean Girls

To walk us have to have character; To walk with us must have the courage; Whether you spend maybe there will be; If you lose out of the line bitch; Mean girls 4x; Neverending story; Mean girls 4x; No ...

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5. Step-By-Page

A long time ago I met a person; Who did not know what was being people; And I help her pudi; But the target changed; And separated; Now what? Step-by-page; Face upwards; Step-by-page; Self esteem it a...

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6. Sunday

For the morning wake up excited; Wanting a hug; Run run and find my parents; A wonderful day sunday; What should I do? Sunday is a day to celebrate; Sunday is a day of love; Sunday is a day of singing...

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7. Timor

Timor, timor; Yale, yale; East timor, timor; Timor, timor; Timor, timor; Going on and on and on and on; This is going on and on and on and on now; Said it once and say it twice; I want to save your ti...

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8. We Could Say

Could say that peace in this world can happen; That we could love between us will always have; Could say we could say we could say; This sound that is playing is a favorite for me. We could say that t...

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