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1. A Classic Form Of Mental Illness

A classic form of mental Illness; ; oh my god! have i gotten blind?! i skipped the main jumping to the last part; it was worth the risk; didn't give up; but something was missing on my mind; knee, wai...

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2. Clouds Generator

Clouds Generator; ; Laying Back; watching time just pass us by; nothing on our minds; we're free to fly; free to fly; Nothing was wrong; and I had everything I could ever wish; I could ever wish for; ...

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3. Half Dead

We may delay our time, look at me I'm tired "but in fact, we’re half dead, this is called life"; Excuse me ‘cause I’m honest / at least I try "but youth will never come back in time to rescue you"; Fr...

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4. Hyena

I can take all the way back to the state that I belong; I'm maybe weak but I will never be what you've become; Trully I'm quite sure I'm not strong; 'cause I'm still waiting for (for the next fall) (2...

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5. Mental Trigger

Mental Trigger; ; it's been years since my lack of; faith took its toll on you but I know.. somehow I'll find a way mend; follow your mind; and find; (what you once thought you would leave behind); fo...

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6. New Id

Wiser plan always on someother's mind; Shortest path, blocked out; greener grass always on the otherside; Despite your whereabout; My words are like sharp arrows; that cut you inside; The road ahead c...

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7. Rapture

When nothing else matters; the value of things cannot; be written, be measured; you can't rely on yourself; A barrier on your mind; Break it down and realize; (what is the feeling the surrounds you); ...

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8. Time Traveller

Time Traveller; ; see the light; see the light and feel the thunder; coming through this rhyme; while i stop the time; you can play along with sins; play along with them and; change your personality; ...

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9. Unrelenting Fate

Unrelenting Fate; ; Bow before; The powers that have always; Been, restrain; Yourself from yet; Another attempt to; Alter what was meant; To be/nothing’s uncertain; But simply unkown; For/most of us… ...

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10. Without Me You're Everything

Can you just try to say something; Cuz now you look so cold; Please don't say: whatever; You can't pretend forever; Was it something I said? That turned you so mad; I'll try to say it other way, but i...

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11. Xl

I can spend time with you if you promise to keep sane; If it's quiet or loud don't bother I'll scream your name; Anyway; I'll never give up; Can't you wait; Be in my head, that's your obsession; Be in...

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