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1. A New Day

It's a new dway ... a different point of view; It' s a new day ... and i will see you soon; Oh, what a beautiful day ... we are finally free; Give to you smiles ... it's the best thing that could be; ...

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2. A Weak Voice

The dice is cast, we must to play. He'll be the master of his game! The step is done, no turning back. We'll give to him what he deserve. ; We are the weak voice of germany. Silently we wait our desti...

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3. Falling Apart

Smoke and lights from the sky above; And the firmament seems to burn; And a veil of silence covers all the world; And the stars seem to fall apart; There's confusion in every hearth; And a veil of sor...

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4. Law And Order

Make more attention to what you are saying; We'll take the law you must obey; The black coat must to be well dressed; We'll give you order ... we are s.s. ; We'll bring the faith for institution; We c...

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5. Memories

Page after page i sit alone and candle's burning; Page after page, a shiver deep inside my soul; Pen's in my right to write a tale of simple wonder; Enchanting me ... my words of passion; Page after p...

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6. Resistance

We must resist! the stake is too much high! We must resist! there's something to defend; More than life. ; It shouldn't exist! forced to be outlaw; Dissident minds. there's something to defend; With a...

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7. Silently

Silently we are whispering ... soldiers all around this field; No one shall hear our laments ... they could hear our movements; Our breath seems like a fog ... it is mixing with the oven's smoke; Ther...

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