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1. Beyond The Death

Parallel word’s they move to ours; Souls of the word, disorient, desolates; Between the dark seek explanation’s; The road: the heaven or hell…; what is that! I not get to understand; it will be the li...

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2. High Destruction

The world is a place without laws, A place without owner. The discord and the hatred take account of this place, This cause the destruction. The devastation already; started, Wars takes account of the...

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3. Human Plague

I want let you brake; Plague that infects the population; Plague of meat e bones; Finish with humans; Countries are infected with time; these virus; They are plague humans; Nobody rembers the time tha...

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4. I Smell Blood A Flesh

Destroyed in an execution; I came back to life, like a parasite; Undo in a battle field; The left army is coming; I smell blood flesh; In a corpse mutation; Battalion of death in line; Their viscera a...

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5. Marches To The Hell

Discovering the life; Cut into pieces dreams; For reasons, the men's laws; Superiority, greed; The earth had bled; Your children cry; Your lover the wait; But without will; Marches to hell; Traced des...

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6. Of Turn The Riders From Apocalypse

Once again the world, surrender; That yours old’s riders; New’s ideas and appearances; More always with the same intention; Chaos, Death, Devastation…; Using yours bigger’s weapons; Control yours mind...

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7. Souls Of The Darkness

The beginning of the mystery; In your darkness mind if it frees; With feelings and obscure desires; The portal for the evil; Creatures of the darkness; Murderers get ready; Hunters are your children; ...

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8. Worst Phobia

I discovered, your worst phobia; And in that miserable world, There is not more terrible; And frightening in the life; Worst Phobia; In Your Mind! You always thought would be; lasier in that way; And ...

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