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1. Enemy

Tell me what you see inside; Would it scare you to live my life? I can see inside your soul; Yuo can't be what you don't know; Living lies you're full of hate; I can see it in your face; Pushing yours...

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2. Enigma

Life is full of problems can you solve them out? Or do you just run away every time that you might have a doubt? Why can't you see that it's not the only way out? Sooner or later you'll face them agai...

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3. Fly

Right here Right now! NOW what you said dropped the ball; If it wasn’t what you meant; It still cut me up; BREAKING your face is a bliss; Even though I don’t believe in violence; Give it up, shut up; ...

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4. Future

They cannot hold me down, I let the fire burn loud; So can you help me now, for I can't help myself; I try to make my way, I try to see my days; I cannot feel it, so where do I go from here; I can cha...

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5. Live On

Your about to get stuck; In the middle of this, can’t you see? Your problems are getting bigger; But you don’t know what’s about to hit you; Tell me exactly what you can see when you close your eyes; ...

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6. Out Of Time

Sometimes; I feel like I’m torn inside; I try to find the things I hate; But I see the pictures and they always run dry; With all the things I try, that I try to hide; Now that I want to; I want to ta...

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7. Plain To See

Get it, hit it, rip it up into pieces; Look what it’s become; See it, feel it, now you’ve got to believe it; What you’ve done and what you’ll do now; Watcha running for? Watcha hiding from? I’m out on...

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8. Rip It Up

Freestyle, watch me flow, to rock the show; This is how I live my life, thought you should know; When the right time comes around like you see; I get down on the mic, a catastrophe; Hits up everybody,...

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9. Shut Up

Chorus; Why can't you see I'm not down with the wicked? Can't you see all the pain you’ve inflicted on me? Just shut up and leave me alone, will you live or die tomorrow? Now can you see are you livin...

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10. Spanish Market

Trying to believe; Now it is time you all believe; What you can’t, you can’t help but see; Breathing, i can’t suffocating; I want you to leave; Now you see that; I don’t want to be the one that…; Has ...

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11. Take Me Away

I can't help but think to myself; What my life will bring to me now; I walk the straight and narrow path; Which do I choose, I cannot hold back; Do I know what's right from wrong; Or do I choose to ho...

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12. The Whole World

It’s some kind of world we live in today; With all of the hate that we cant erase; We try to escape; These feelings await; But fates brought us here and we can’t relate; We go into battle, fight withi...

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13. Therapy

I don’t care if i never ever see you again; Well this times for real; You tell everybody what you think about me now; Well that’s fine cause i don’t have kind words for you now; I don’t feel the love ...

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14. What's Next

Dreams they can come true, it’s up to you; If you want it bad enough, but there are few; That will ever succeed inside this industry; It might be corrupt but you can’t give up; Push yourself harder th...

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15. Who We Are

This is who we are; this is who we'll be; We're not gonna go and change our lives so we can meet your needs; Just step back cause once again here I go; I'm about to say whats on my mind here it goes; ...

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