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1. Again

I'm thinkin bout relapsin again; I can't help it I always give in; I'm scared to fly home I'm scared to die when I land; Cuz I kno my plug will be waitin there with open hands; I wanna change I rly do...

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2. Dust To Roses

Yeah I'm feeling good but what does that even mean; I'm still scared I know that death is waiting for me; I don't feel prepared, I got family praying for me; Cause it's been too long that I've been; o...

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3. Go Along

I can't stop thinkin bout death; Could give a fuck bout the rest; My mind is my casket; And it won't stop askin; What's goin on? What's really goin on; I won't just go along; If i don't kno whats goin...

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4. Hands Around My Neck

I'm lookin at you; Opposite sides; Of our bedroom; Is this the gloom; Now I don't know if anything that you said; Was really true; Now I don't know if I even know you; Do I know you; Do you know me; I...

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5. High

Baby u been on my mind; Baby ur the reason why I get high; Baby u say that ur tryin; Baby I kno u been lyin; But I don't mind, I can't mind; I know that I hurt u; But baby u hurt me too; So I get high...

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6. I Don't Know How

I can't stop these dirty habits; I can't stop; Can I stop; I never learn each time I grab it; Another drink; Another pop; And I can't stop these thoughts in my head; Can they stop; Will they stop; I j...

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7. Mad

Stop fuckin' sayin' that u care; Stop pretendin' like that u was ever there; Bitches mad they wanna pull my hair; I'm the typa bitch to make ur bitch disappear; U don't wanna see me mad; U don't rly w...

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8. No Reason

I think that I been gettin fucked up for too long; Fucked up for too long; I wanna say sorry to my family; To the people who always helped me; Even though I was living so selfishly; I just wish they c...

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9. None

I be chillin' on the west side; I ain't ever goin outside; Feels like my arms are tied; Whoever u pray to is a lie; I been lettin my fam down; Tryna get a grip I can't now; My plug wanna see me in the...

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10. Seethrough

Brown powder on the table; We're sayin things that we werent able; To say to anyone else; Ya we both got our scars; Had our hearts ripped apart; By everyone else; U kno im no good for u; I'll hurt u t...

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11. Take It or Leave

I know who you want me to be; But I'm not that girl and I will never be; I don't know what you're expecting from me; This is all I am; You can take it or leave; This bottle's not helping; My dreams ar...

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12. Where The Bottle Is

People tripping in my living room (living room); But I'm layed up here, just me and you (me and you); Had to throw all of our plants off the balcony; Then you cut my hair and I cried that I feel ugly;...

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13. Will I Ever Care

I think my feelings are gone forever; I don't think I'll ever get it together; I don't even miss you anymore; I can't find anything worth living for; I can't remember if I ever cared; I can't remember...

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