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1. Desert Chaos (Pt.2)

How do you live in this violence? Made of madness and sadness; I can't live into this chaos; My eyes burn and my bones ache, yeah; Oh, how long? Will you leave me alone? Oh, how long? Will this sandst...

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2. Doomsday

It's the end of the world; Right in the path of dead bodies; Walking between blood and flesh; From the skies 'till the center of earth; You're breathing to your own death; Look, look! High in the sky!...

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3. Every Hero Loves One Day

The stars are too far to see; As my final fight, is coming to show; And even when, I fall to my knees; My heart still beats for you; And you are my shining star; Because, you've saved me from my night...

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4. Perseu's Father

Well, my son... My time has come; The life is unfair, and there's nothing left; For me in this world; Take care... And don't forget these words; Please listen closely; All the things I have to say; Yo...

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5. Senseless

Time has come, the chance to set me free; These scars will show the truth; I've been living for you; In this dead town, inside this hurricane; Come on baby ride with me, in this mistery; A journey whe...

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