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1. 2 A.M.

The moon creeps, into my room. The problem is, that baby it抯 not you. Shadows fall, into my bed, Wish it was, you instead. ; How can I live? How can I breathe? When you torture me. How can you even ...

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2. About Last Night

Yay Yay Yay Yay [x3]; [Refrain:]; Eenie Meenie Minie Mo, Found my kind won抰 let 慹m go, If I抦 treated right you know, I抣l be back for more. ; I can feel you undressing me with your eyes, But I ...

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3. Frontin' On Me

Saw you on the corner standing there, Now I wonder who you抮e talking to, Will I ever Know, Ever Know? And will you ever show? You抮e talking on your cell phone all this time, I thought I could depe...

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4. Good Girls

Come on Come on Good girls厖厖; Hey diggy diggy; Hey diggy diggy what diggy what diggy diggy; Hey diggy diggy what, No no nooooo, ; I know I gotta good girl reputation, You probably think that I抦 ...

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5. He Said She Said

Yeah, ohhh; Oh Baby; Crazy Yea, Crazy; She said she’d love me forever; He said that we were together; She told me I was the only one; She told me I’m not the only one; She said that I could believ...

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6. I

I, I, I, iiiii. [x3]; What if I, had chosen to, Make a left, when I should have made a right and, What if I, followed though, And chilled with my crew last night. What if I, took the call and; Stayed ...

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7. Mad For You

Say say say say, Do do do do, Way way way way, Ooh ooh ooh. [x2]; Everybody抯 been against us from the start, Thinkin?man you抳e lost your mind, Sayin?that girl抯 not your type卋ut they抮e all bl...

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8. Now You Don't

Guess who I saw today at our favorite 憆ound the way? So in Love, and so caught up that they didn抰 see me, There in the candlelight, magic sparkled in their eyes, For desert, sexin?her at the table...

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9. Ride

Chillin?out from across the room, I can read your mind. Don抰 say a word I can see it in your eyes. I need a change of scenery, Blue skies gonna set us free, All I know is you and I should ride. ; [C...

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10. Tell Me

You抮e the one who game me time, heard me when I spoke my mind, Told me that I抎 never be alone. Always there to make me smile, even if it took a while, All those hours talking on the phone. Hanging...

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11. That's Right

Ain抰 no doubt about it you want me, Can抰 you see that I want the same, (ohh yaaa); Don抰 pretend you can do without me, Baby let me show you this game. (Oh); All we need is to get a little closer...

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12. Wha, Wha, What

I was hangin? at the club when, I saw you roll in, thinkin?how I can. Make my intro, little duction, And that抯 when I decided to stick around and bump it. I was schemin? I was ooh, Thinkin?how I cou...

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13. Wild Horses

Childhood living, Is easy to do. The things you wanted, I bought them for you. Graceless lady. You know who I am. You know I won抰 let you. Slide through my hands. ; [Chorus:]; Wild, wild horses, Cou...

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