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1. 57 Waltz

waltzing ahead in a straight line; always leaving me behind; this is the sound of my heart breaking; my love has come; stepping out to my big chance; losing myself is sad and unfair; we are alone and ...

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2. A Chang

Sadness comes around me; I feel I have to know; Should I leave right now; Or tell my love; Maybe I am afraid; Maybe I am afraid; I feel away with love; This might be a long time; After all; If baby yo...

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3. Audrey’s Eyes

When I look into Audrey's eyes; They are so blue and I realize; Just how far away; She’s got from me; Ever since the spring; I dreamt everything; But never dreamt the thing; That I'd lose her; And she...

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4. Catching Squirrels

Hey baby you don't know me; Feel me by you hold me now not the way i wanted; You made me lose my mind; I often wonder while i'm crying; That place always scared me; With that solitary look; Baby it's ...

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5. Copacetic

I'll wait another day so find me; if you are kind; time to find out time to fly; in every part of the world; I'm trying to hold it on; feel the best in my doubt; one day you'll find me; feeling my bes...

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6. Drug Girls

bet you didn't mean to; turn them into heroes; but it doesn't matter; 'cause we love those drug girls; in a perfect world; drug girls are left alone; in my living room; headlines are overblown; open i...

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7. Go Coastal

let's drive away; my day's wide open; get in my car; i'll let you ride shotgun; i love the way you look at me sideways; if you don't mind, i'll stare at you straight on; come on let's go; will you bri...

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8. Here Comes

From the Japanese Translation; stare into my eyes; ask me what i'll say; all the stars in her eyes; reasons i've been trying to find; her come here come here comes; a revelation; there's a very lonley...

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9. I Can't Stop Smiling

I can't stop smiling and I don’t know why I want to anyway; So many times before I could hardly even force one to my face; I’ll trade you a smile for a shake; I know that’s something you just can't fa...

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10. Just Like That

I'll tell you everything as clearly as a fax machine; in spite of all the evidence that can be less intense; but i don't know what to say without digging my own grave; so i try to change the subject t...

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11. Lisa Librarian

you know that we; will always be on this earth; i'd like to tell you something; but i have to think of something first; i try to see you; you try to know that this is true; and i've decided; i want to...

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12. Living Well

flipped out far, on cushioned seats; burned out nicely 'cos now it's happening; try to experience all the feelings; that she loves, and then; feel it come rushing to the top; she loves madness, so dis...

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13. Nothing

somewhere to stay while i think this through; I get distracted by the sight of you; somewhere to hide from the garbage in my mind; behind the fault line; well there's nothing to see, there's nothing t...

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14. Pop Loser

last night i walked into an empty state; wanted to kiss you but you moved away; guess i've given in to my own sweet tooth; i'd like to spend the day on the roof; i wrote a song in my car last night; a...

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15. Pretty Sister

I know a place that I'm going to burn down; Let it go; I don't think I really want to play again; Take me to the place; I used to love so much; I don't think I really to say it again; So alive; so in ...

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16. Same Old City

She wrote him a letter, said leave me alone; all i wanted was to walk you home; it didn't mean that much to me anyway; this place is so full of excuses; makes me so tired and reclusive; too many peopl...

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17. Sorry Again

it will never happen again; is a promise i just can't keep; all alone on the porch; drifting off to sleep; i change this much this year; but i did it for you my dear; let me stick around; I'll never l...

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