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1. Dance all Night

Hey girl, you know I like you; and I know you need me; Let me show you how naughty you can be; Get out of your world and come to my room; Cause I am not your Doctor of Love; But I'm trying to heal you...

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2. Mma

Are you ready for this fight? I'll start by measuring the distance between us; I'll throw some jabs in you, and; I always take you a step backward; I try to put you down; With a single or double leg i...

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3. Saturday

End of week and end of work; Nothing to do, now is just to shake, and; Tomorrow is day of play rock and roll, and; Party too, party too; Scream and kissing many girls; Singing and dancing my song; Sin...

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4. Stone Rain

Every day, I think about it; Looking for stars; life has long hard ways; I am so tired of many obligations; and foolish promises; Money makes the world go round, and; I just wanna to change that law, ...

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5. We'll Be Together

Another night has gone, another day began; Inside my heart; I see that it's time to tell you; I dreamt of you, I prayed for you; You're the air that I breathe; and I need you close to me; It's so hard...

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