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1. A Dark Dream

Yes, It is a Dark Dream, and coldful hatred hidden behind it... I'm still dreaming, I've been getting stronger, because of this dream for centuries... My nocturnal vision I realise in your world, when...

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2. Black Hateful Metal

Endless night; Blood on mouth; Bloodred moon; At the sky; Forest around us; Prime home; Of cursed souls; Black hateful metal; Legions of evil; Heirs to the tradition; Have risen forever; To conquer; A...

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3. Born Of Darkness

Born because of Darkness; Full of primitive evil, We life again. ; United by hatred, We go hurting the weak; We kill enemies - purify the soul. ; Our existences are hymns to the glory of Darkness; We ...

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4. Circle Of Wolves

I was born in frosty country; Among eternal silence; I hiked among sorrow; Too dark, too hateful; A cold, frosty moon’s my only brother; The perennial hike’s still continuing; The north’s wind with me...

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5. Glory For Heroes

The woodland silence’s sweeping the warriors; Desperate scream’s tailing away; Then they hit in the cauldrons; The martial song has rung! Charging valiantly; Among the way full of death; They befell t...

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6. Millennium Of Disgrace

Where our world is - the land of full moon? Will that once had been ever come back? Where's your pride, White Man? Has the cross veiled your eyes? For thousand years strangers kept this land to dishon...

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7. My Bloodthirst (the Horrorstorm)

I don't regret anything the bridges of life, Feeling the earth's cold on my face. I come to you, Oh, wonderful death! Rending the sight, Hiding the thought; I don't feel her anymore, because life is t...

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8. My Pagan Fatherland (evil Power's Night)

When the trees become back, the time comes; The red blaze appears in the sky; holding the clouds of hatred. When the forest becomes black; The time of transformation comes! Our souls evil and cruel, d...

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9. The Dawn Of The New Empire

Under the grey dust of oblivion; Foul by the leg of god on the cross; The bones of pagan kingdoms rest; Worshipped by their warriors; Praised by the psalms of the night; Golden force of hatred; Power ...

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10. The Loyalty For Country

The loyalty for country; The light of lightning is a sign for us; We must go to the road of battle; For the fathers world transfer the blood; It cleans the enemies’s sin; The sunny cross leads us; A f...

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11. The Song Of Zarathustra

Human! Can you hear? What's ringing of southern silence up? - I slept I slept; - I wake up from the deeply dreams of silence; - The world - Pile of depth; Deeper nor daydream, when you think of dream;...

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12. We Chopped By Swords

We chopped by swords! To making the bloody feast for wolfs; Blades played the steal song; In foreigns helmets; And the wolfs had full of meat; And a raven called the raven; We chopped by swords! We wi...

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