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1. Cosmic Cortex

Immersed in a colossal squall; The endless storm grows and evolves; With purpose to accelerate; The progression of the human race; Your mind enters a dimension of thought; Wisping forms flow through i...

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2. Dark Creations, Dead Creators

Conjurers of the old abyss; Mystified the distant serpent’s hiss; A spark of life into imagined forms; A spark of faith and a lie is born; Death to the immortal realm; False truths propagate fear; Dea...

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3. Dying World

The gasoline hits the streets igniting greedy eyes; Marching blind through the heat; Collapsing sites of decay mark the end of time; A planetary grave; Slashing and burning, crushing and drilling; Ext...

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4. Echoless Chamber

Empty are words that are regurgitated; From type sanctified; Tainted is air when you breathe what is spit in your face; The virus survives; Echoless chamber of your mind; Unknown to the boundaries tha...

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5. Fast Paced Society

Fast paced societies jumping forward; Our mind's leap falls short as we plummet toward; Automation through monotony; Magnetic structure binds itself to me; Colorful objects radiating transparent ideal...

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6. Moonbase

The moonbase was hidden from view on the darkside; Operations were kept under wraps from the public's eye; I was teh head of the experiments focused on sustaining life on the moon; Little did I know, ...

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7. Outer Isolation

Awoken by a hissing door; The seal of my capsule breaks; Alone I stumble to the floor; Not knowing what’s at stake; Clinging to the boundaries of my mind…; Auto-pilot takes control; Static on the visu...

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8. Tetrastructural Minds

It's a long way to reality from the mind's extremities; Deep in the core of the subconscious realm lies; A shrouded being, cowering; Suspended entity in darkness; Encapsulated in a crystalline state; ...

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9. Venus Project

They manufactured their fate; Machines still echo in these stark landscapes; Hallucinations of grandeur led them to boast; The distracted culture let the industries clench at their throats; They were ...

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