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1. Allergicide

Misery through each breath of life; Sensory perceptions plight; Visualize what will be the same; Desperation’s greetings of pain; Not the Sun but the act of the rise; Reaction and the hopeless demise;...

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2. And The Brave Man Fails

Fighting soldiers running wild; to salute their Lord; Make a sacrifice tonight, kill men from abroad; They can't escape, there's no place to run; Stupid methods, fear of death, 'til the battle's done;...

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3. Drugs And Corruption

Drugs and corruption; Death and destruction; Hunger, starvation! Money, frustration; Vipers, repression; Manipulation! Cold calculation; Crime and perversion; Brain violation! Ghetto production; Rich ...

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4. Forever Lost

Cerebellion; Damaged Matter; Pressurized from inside; Cannot control my own mind; Questions the visions that be; Undetermined Depravity; Chemically Unbalanced for Mankind; Hard to see through the veil...

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5. Go And Live...stay And Die

There was more work than we could handle with our man; Help was needed from the Turks and other foreign hands; Dirty jobs - trash disposal - beneath our dignity; And prosperity returned to good old Ge...

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6. Immaculate Entrapment

How could God be dead; If he never did exist? Condemning you to hell; For the slashing of your wrists; Begging for acceptance; By the candles light; Total Degradation; Immaculate Entrapment; Slaviors ...

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7. Inhale The Mist

The ground is burnt, the sky is black; Now you wait for Death’s attack; Thought you’d never see this day; As your flesh just melts away; Weapons that were built for peace; Nuclear breath and the flesh...

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8. Intergalactic Landmarks

Mayan Temple in the jungle; Giant chronograph computer; Ancient sandstone crypts of Egypt; Soulway to the Constellations; Druids floating rocks on water; To create the loading zone; Desert plains are ...

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9. On The Road

On the run we kill to eat, we fight to survive; Never going backwards - speed, powerdive; Headin' for disaster, ride hard and fast; Ferocious warriors, mighty and vast; Boost the power until your eard...

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10. Overtrolled

Killing for pleasure; Enjoying the pain; No one to answer; No one to blame; Enticing the masses; Denying the claims; Yesterday’s liars; Shame of today; Unify greed and conquer them all; Never a break ...

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11. Prepare For War

Devastation; As far as the eye can see; Mutilation; All horrors beyond belief; Human carnage; Torn flesh against machine; Orders of Death; Fatalities; Trophies of the Power Mad; Ancient Landmarks; Red...

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12. Procrehatred

Read and listen, sit and stare; Disgusted in the World; Witness to the violent times; As insanity unfurls; Day by day, night by night; Hatred growing stronger; Pushed above and way beyond; The World w...

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13. Revolution Command

Charging'em tonight - the ordinary man's eternal fight; Leave the loser's road, for power we must strive; And you know you're fuckin' right; Exploitation never stops, you fool why d'you shut up? Disbe...

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14. Suicidal Lunacy

A new injection's over, watch each step you take; This is a dangerous day; You fired a bomb again, your body starts to ache; Your mind is blown away. Your eyes are starin' mad, you feel the drug insid...

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15. Traitor's Fate

You are chosen, searchin' for you, you will feel the pain; We're sadistic brains of malice, we're the men insane; Mad invasion, bestiality, you are doomed to die; We'll kill your wife, haunt your chil...

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