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1. Christ, I Fucking Hate You!

Her father lies bleeding, his blood on my hands; Gratitude apparent, her sobs turn to signs of relief; Touching her tear-stained cheek, gazing deeply into her eyes; she worships me as a god; We embrac...

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2. Devour The Rotten Flesh

Flesh Prisms of color radiate from your eyes; Through these slits you view your misery; Death lurks deep into your rotting soul; Brought to the surface by a chemical aroma; Life has given up on you in...

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3. Fantasy From Pain

Night breeze stiffens my muscles, trees bend in the street light; Leaves rustle by ominously, a chill quakes through my mind; Though tear drenched eye I witness, this innocents demise; The heavy hand ...

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4. God Was Created

From beyond the grave to awaken your mind; I must teach you a lesson that I never learned; But without a god, could you carry on? If the answer is “no”, then just stop right there; I used to hate ...

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5. I Didn't Kill Her

The sunlight fading as air cools from blistering day; Stars appear in the dusken sky, invoking urgent senses; The breeze wafts fragrance of passion and winter forgotten; Moving forward through rusted ...

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6. I Must Not Live

My wretched flesh stings just adding to my pain; I must not live, I am a curse. What have I done? She was the only one, my life now meaningless. Merely wasting flesh; I hate myself. ; Her Flesh Since ...

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7. I Take Your Life

Now that you understand; You will go peacefully; But I still regret; Not hearing you pleading; Pulling you closer feeling your breasts; Pressing so firmly, aroused! I take your life, just to feel the ...

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8. Lusting For Affection

He was a young man, his life just begun; but never felt young; His parents hurt him, and stole his childhood; beat it out of his young mind; Dad was a veteran and alcoholic; and so violent; Mother jus...

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9. Made For Her Jesus

JESUS! Sacred and ancient her images of what he was; enshrined upon her bedroom wall; A picture of beauty and perfection; Halo vividly backing a man of such flawlessness; Lusting eyes easily attractin...

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10. Nameless Faces, Scattered Remnants


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11. No One Wins

The walls cave in on me, this life that you call mine; You smile say you love me, I want to smash your face; My torment, my prison, why must life be this way; I close my eyes to see my mental death of...

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12. Reconditioning The Flock

Enveloped by waves of violently burning hatred; Pulling from all sides, nothingness beckons persistently; The knowledge of utter humanity and its toils; I can feel my own insides in full view of my en...

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13. Saying Goodbye

I can still see my reflection in your; Blood soaked eye as you sob; A last farewell severing all of my passion; Bullshit, your words such pain; You have created this chain reaction; My sorrow to hate ...

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14. She Never Noticed Me

“Sitting alone, staring blankly at the floor, my thoughts turn to her….”; What to say? [she is so beautiful, she’d never want me]; Who is she? [she says nothing to no one perpetually]; -Back o...

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15. The Last Fantasy Of Christ

His head drops gently upon simple rolled cloth; His meek conditions depress; Reflecting upon the days events; How much time he’s lost; Healing the sick, Raising the dead, Being a savior; His words c...

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16. The Lord's Work

The lords work (2x); My head begins to swim; With visions of my life; So much blood (2x); And for nothing more than a man-made dream; My family is dead because they made me; Lusting for Affection in g...

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17. What You've Become

Smile at me again, but I know what’s on your mind; It’s so easy for you, tell me what I want to hear; Damn your lies, sliding my blade across your face; I can smile at you and terror courses throu...

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18. Whore Cunt Die

I could tell you tales of morbid visions, thoughts from which I hide; The fear within this shell that I call my soul reflects the darkness; This pit of agony into which; I have been cast by those who ...

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