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1. Bullets

I need to know I broke your heart. The truth is that it's about me; Hurting just to find a line, This is giving me trouble; I'd like to know I left a scar. I'm wondering do you feel free? Do you still...

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2. Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful; We live until we die; When you run into my arms, We steal a perfect moment. Let the monsters see you smile, Let them see you smiling. ; Do I hold you too tightly? When will the hurt...

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3. Radio Song

The radio is playing songs that we both love; and it's all we have; i get the feeling that i'm on your tv show; i forgot my lines again; i sold a corner of my soul; but instant karma's gonna get me ba...

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4. You

You have the faith that kills the fear; of being real. Yeah, this is real and now for the first time, I'm finally alive. You take my first inside your hand, you squeeze, I understand, that I get lost ...

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5. You And Me

I'm sorry; But your cats just freak me out; And the four of us don't fit in your apartment; You like my accent; And I got drunk with your dad; And his best friend with a gun strapped to his ankle; You...

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