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1. Catapult

The only chance I have of leaving this state and all I know; Is my Revolver mouth and arsenal of bones; Left in the closet, along with the notes of lust and list of foes; Oh, my divided mind and restl...

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2. Cue The Fight Song

Rushed, Once again, This may very well be my fighting chance; When summer returns, Perhaps by then I'll learn; We've been through it all; Haven't we been through it all; Together we'll overcome; All t...

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3. Fabricated Air

Oh the past few days; Have shown me that I've been torn; Between a nomadic life and a family I adore; I haven't been sleeping so well; Yeah, I've given it a lot of thought; And there is no sense in co...

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4. Life Of The Party

Tell me your attracted; Tell me you'd love to come in; Have a seat and an evening cup of coffee; But you refuse to have a cigarette; Wont you keep me warm and willing? If you're lucky. ; We could danc...

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