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1. Desire On Repeat

It's all the same; Sex in the air; Your promise is all the same; You'll be the one who will always care; But how can you promise the world? How can you promise your heart when it's always searching? B...

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2. In The Quiet

Do you see my eyes losing interest, wandering about; Someone always seems to take your place; Can lightning strike the same place twice in my heart? As it does when you speak; I need that fire to burn...

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3. It's All Happening On Broadway

If you lay me down in this mess will I remember your name; When you come back calling for me like you said you would? Do I trust your breath will sustain you in all your long hours? Do I love your wea...

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4. Lover's Lie

where'd you go? the leaves thay move fast; I was lost looking for your face; did you go to catch the lovers lie? or to move the stars and put them in place; is there ever a dream of mine you haven't h...

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5. Moments Rewound

When I'm lost without a word to say; When I'm not the most intriguing; Will you stay? When I've called just to hear you say hi; Will you find me too needy and walk away? And I know these are silly que...

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6. Redemption Soon

My eyes; They never sleep; My eyes; They torture me; My heart it falls so fast; But it looks back; My knees are getting weaker each passing day; Each passing day; With each word of disapproval my back...

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7. Safe

your eyes are nothing I've looked deep knowing I was safe; and this memory will never be erased, never be be erased; you put me in my place; I would have liked a call; outside of you calling out my fa...

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8. Song For A Friend

does she linger in the air; that follows you home each day? do you ever stop and stare at yourself; for traces of her? can a picture bring some comfort; where a song melody leaves off? is she silently...

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9. Song Four, Side Two

dreamers stop here; in hopes they'll get chance of a lifetime ago; but I will not wait there; drifters stop here and think; the way they lived life with no plans; my decision is drawing near; please l...

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10. Still Standing

they're building hate today; I see it in the eyes of every passing gaze; they're calling your name today, you've won; congratulations; say what your supposed to say; be safe, make everyone feel comfor...

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11. The Falling Kind

should we even wonder why out hearts are torn? why out image is based on this broken city? should we ask ourselves why our lungs breathe in sickness? innocence is seen as weakness; laughed at as naive...

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12. Trade This Fear

Who is this darkness? Who is this illusive dreamer? Why do I love the way this distance feels? It's coiled up independence; I want so much to run; Carry me over all this distance, my dear; Trade this ...

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