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1. Claws Of Cruelty

Looks the razor, activates its memory, and it runs for the garden. Dissimulates normal, takes care, it is not followed; Follows the Antichrist, finishes the service, makes the future; Does not wait to...

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2. Enslaved Under The Cross

We are born to kill; We will not make superficial cut; Because we are abnormal; Retaliation, annihilation; Cannibalism and rape until to death; Teaning the knife; In your lung; Soften my nymphomania; ...

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3. Ominous Church

Música: Miguel Mezzomo; Letra: Bernardo Rezende; Agony reigns in history; The vatican lied for you; Opressing your freedom; Your soul prays for redemption; For a new day of consecration; When angels a...

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4. Uma Outra Vez

Simplismente naquele dia, E ele não sabia o que falar. Não saberia o que dizer, Pra ti. ; Sua cabeça era tão confusa. Mudava de planos tão de pressa. E não daria pra dizer. ; Toda noite ele andava, Se...

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5. Visceral Attack

Connect to hell; Mayhem your soul; With a mystic evil; By my control; Pictures of death; Submerge in blood; The madhouse of jesus killer; Absolve you, for the insanity; Yes, I live to torture the chri...

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