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1. Black Viper

She brings torment through the black night, You've no way to hide, no way to hide. ; Dangerous creatures brandish the sword, They will be laud, they will be laud. ; Black viper is coming, The terror s...

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2. Damned Love

When you see a virgin; You can't resist; She is your victim; You become a sadist; You like to bring trouble into her life; And now you get crazy, draw your knife; You are a satanic lover; Your order i...

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3. Day Of Execution

Sitting in the jail, my end is near; The hangman is waiting for me. The deuce! I'm eating my last meal. And suddenly there is someone talking to me; Come back to god, don't you see the light; And pray...

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4. In Nomine Satanas

The blackest night the sharpest blade, The sacrifice must go on. No kruzifix no holy thing; Cause evils work is done. In the darkness there are gleaming eyes; They always look at you; It burns your br...

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5. Loudness And Speed

We all live in a world of rock 'n roll; The music we like to play; We like it fast, we like it loud; That is it, what we want to say; We don't like softrock, heavy is lewd; On stage we show our fight;...

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6. Open The Coffin

The night is rough; You fight again; The urge is still destroying you; It is no sin; That you can't resist; The devil laughs about it, too; There is a earthquake; Under the graves; All the night birds...

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7. Satan's Colours

War and fight against the hell, You're a preacher of the light; I would say you never win, Cause Satan has the might; Sword and fire against the cross; That's too much for you; You have lost the fight...

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8. Speed Revolution

Take me to a golden future; Fighting for justice. Let me be a rebell, now. The glory will be mine. ; Take'em to the guillotine; And let the blade fall down, The blood is ours, 'cause we've glory; Say:...

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9. The Exterminator

In this world of liberty; There is only death to see; A head is lying in the sand; The commoner's fighting till the end; They slaughter down all fucking lords; They kill them just like decayed dogs; B...

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10. Too Fast For Hell

The metal thunder grows to storm; We're playing once again; There's no one who can stop us now; The sound will blast your brain; You want the action, so come on bang your head, You want the power, we ...

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